Experimental music producer Matija Mikovic announces debut album “Fragile Canvas”


Matija Mikovic is a self-taught musician and producer fascinated by the exploration of sound. He is currently based in Glasgow, Scotland where he also releases electronic music under the Buhduzit moniker. The new year is set to be busy for Matt as he prepares to play live in two forms: as Matija Mikovic with a live band and as Buhduzit performing solo his own electronic music. Matt is also launching his left-field label, Memory Cloud, that has a few releases planned for 2020 with Fragile Canvas being used to bring it to life.

He was born in Cyprus to Serbian parents that had fled the war and grew up in a tight-knit multi-cultured community. Matt moved to Scotland to study 6 years ago, a place that over time he would call home. While next year will be focused on a UK tour, he is looking to spend some time in Serbia to reconnect with his roots to explore the creative scene there.

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